Show Me The Budget


In any relationship, discussing money is never a comfortable topic. When it comes to starting a construction project, whether your project is an addition, renovation or building a custom home, being frank about your available budget is crucial. During our initial meeting we want to learn 3 things: your wants, your needs and your style. Inverness Design Build Group’s goal is to then merge these ideas with your budget. We want to be accurate, efficient and build a relationship with you.

    Accuracy – When we provide a price for a project, having at least a guideline will ensure we don’t waste our time or yours. When a client shares with us how much they are prepared to spend we can assess that against what they want to do. This way we can determine whether the project is even feasible or need adjustments in the scope of work to reduce the costs.

    Efficiency – It takes time and thought to prepare a proposal. The budget helps us to establish what can and cannot be included within that price point. Our objective is to produce the best product that we can within that budget. Without a budget we have no guideline in which to base our design and proposal, which can be frustrating for you. Particularly when our price is way over your budget and either the process stops or you begin reducing the scope of work. That proves difficult as you really liked what we proposed for you (except the price) and anything less might prove to be too much of a disappointment to proceed with the project at all.

    Relationship/Trust Building – We realize that trust and integrity are key to any relationship. If you don’t feel comfortable sharing your budget with a contractor…find another contractor! The most valuable information that a client can give us is what they are comfortable spending. That information allows us to create and propose something that is doable. Holding back for fear that the contractor might inflate his price to meet your budget is counterproductive. This is a very competitive marketplace and contractors want to work, so most will give you their best price irrespective of you budget.

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