Working With Clients Who Want To Do Some Of The Work Themselves


Inverness Design Build Group Ltd. would be happy to price out a portion of your project if you choose to tackle some of it on your own. However, many people overestimate the way costs are calculated in a project and believe that if they take a small portion of the work off the General Contractor’s plate, there will be significant savings. If that is your motivation it can backfire for a number of reasons.

As a builder, we get prices from our sub-contractors that are very competitive due to the repeat business that they get from us. Further, we speak their language and we fully understand what is entailed for each trade sub-contractor and obtain prices based upon a scope of work that we create. That way we eliminate the “grey areas” for the sub-contractor and they feel confident in pricing our projects with a very sharp pencil. Additionally, we obtain contractor prices from our suppliers which are significantly less than retail prices. As such, even with our markup, the costs are often times less than what a consumer can purchase similar goods for.

Finally, we also offer a 2 year warranty on our work, not yours. If you make a mistake, even a small one, any of the cost savings you may have had are now lost. Further, that mistake could even cost you more, particularly if the sub-contractor or brother in law that you hired, doesn’t return to correct his work and you are forced to hire someone else to fix it.

However, if you want to feel invested in the project and take pride in saying to your friends and family, “I did that” we totally understand. It is very satisfying, no question. We want to support you and assist in any way that we can.

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